Frequently Asked Questions

‘AFDEC Family’ is what we call our AFDEC community. We are a network of closely knit women fashion entrepreneurs, who pull our resources together, to inspire, learn, share, work and support one another to reach our fullest potential. AFDEC Family consists of creatively diverse AFDEC sisters working on various levels of the fashion value chain and fashion related industries, leaning and learning from one another for networking opportuities, education, business and personal development.

The AFDEC Family aims to support exceptionally creative women, by providing the right platform necessary  to start and run sustainable global-standard fashion business locally; so they can earn better income; create more jobs, improve their own lives and increase the livelihood of their families.

You can join the AFDEC Family, by registering to be an AFDEC Card carrying member, by simply paying our token registration fee and annual due.

We have two levels of AFDEC Card membership: Classic and Premium. Although all members have access to our private community, trainings, resources and discounts on AFDEC all products and packages but, higher level membership (i.e premium members), means higher exclusive benefits because its designed for ‘A’ game fashion professionals.

AFDEC women are dynamic and extremely creative goal getters and we have one thing in common: our drive to achieve the next big goal, and our passion to share our learnings with other member of the community we call the AFDEC Family. Our mantra is why win alone when we can win together.

Yes! We do. We pride ourselves as the fastest growing women network in Africa, we have members from different continents who connect with other AFDEC sisters online, while we are working underground to expand our offices in their country. Our international members also take advantage of our recorded physical meetings, live streamings, webinars, articles, and podcasts to help their personal development and business growth.

No, our membership is not for Tailors and Designers only. If your work and passion in the fashion Industry centres on designing, raw materials, production, logistics, export, marketing, sales/distribution etc then you qualify to be our member. 

Our doors are equally open to passionate creative women working in fashion related fields such as crafts and accessory manufacturers, home furnishing makers, jeweller, Illustrators, Models, fashion photographers, fashion retailers, fashion and bloggers, make up artists, hair stylist, african cosmetics manufacturers,  fashion merchandizers, fashion agencies, new age fashion business etc

No, members of the AFDEC Family are diverse women with varying business experience levels, running fashion businesses on different stages ranging from idea/development stage, start ups, growth/survival stage, expansion and maturity stage. These women understand that personal and business development are strengthened when women in the community come together from different backgrounds and have a variety of experiences to draw on.

Absolutely! Our members (AFDEC sisters) lead busy lives filled with commitments, and being a member of the AFDEC Family is one of the best ways to efficiently invest in yourself and your fashion dreams. A few purposeful hours spent with women of like minds will spur you with the right and timely information in the Industry, coupled with numerous periodic trainings, events and opportunities to conviniently choose from anytime.

Congratulations and welcome to the family, our membership department will contact you with payment confirmation email and your starter pack, which also contains your membership I.D card, AFDEC badge and certificate. You will also be notified of the next dates for member Induction.

The AFDEC Membership Induction ceremony is not compulsory; It’s just a social gathering to officially welcome you to the family by AFDEC and other members of the AFDEC family, although we sometimes, tie this events with physical workshops in different cities.

AFDEC has different zonal coordinators for the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria. This includes the north east, north- west, north central, south east, south west and south, south zones. The zonal calendars and contact of these zonal leaders is in your membership handbook that is in your membership starter pack

Yes! The AFDEC Community is governed by the AFDEC Family executive council, who are card carrying members who volunteer to lead our clauster communities. They report directly to the AFDEC head quarters. These leaders include the President, vice presidents, secretary, publicity coordinators, welfare etc. You may also send your enquiries directly to our email:

We no longer offer trial memberships, but some of our local events; online training sessions and webinars are open to the public. Check our websites and social media pages to see if there are public events coming up around you. 

To know more about the benefits of being a card carrying member of the AFDEC Family, please click here: