AFDEC is a Non-Profit Organization, established in 2015 with the goal of empowering and developing Women to become valuable to themselves and their society.

At AFDEC, we promote Peace and Prosperity through creativity.

Women and Girls tend to be more vulnerable to extreme Poverty compared to Men. Many studies have also confirmed that in a global economic downturn, more women are significantly affected as more of them lose jobs and are forced to manage shrinking household income. More so, is the fact that they have limited access to opportunities for business development, stereotyped by existing gender based discriminations, inequality in education and health existing in funding.

At AFDEC, we make fashion functional and responsible, by building local creativity, confidence and skills amongst rural and disadvantaged urban Africans gearing them towards social and economic opportunities available in the creative industries. AFDEC achieves this through provision of skills training, mentoring and support systems that will help indigenous African women and girls build sustainable micro enterprises that will improve their family income and the well being of their children thereby advancing their role in peace building

African Fashion Development and Empowerment Centre (AFDEC) is a Non Governmental Orgnanization in Nigeria that provides economic empowerment and supports for creative women and girls in Africa using fashion as a way out of poverty.

AFDEC has conducted several surveys in the African Fashion Space, since 2015 and has generated numerous solutions, that when adapted would translate to visible growth, sustainability and positive global competitiveness of the Cottage sized, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) in the Industry. We therefore focus on building the capacity of women on Fee 9rrment manufacturers, Accessory Manufacturers, Fashion Designers, Tailors, Fashion trainers, Retailers, Stylists, Fashion Bloggers, Models, Makeup artists, Hair stylists,  Fashion Journalists, Consultants , Photographers, Illustrators, Merchandisers’, Marketers, Exporters,  Private Companies, Agencies and Corporations that are always wrapped around the fashion arena.

“I met AFDEC when the Security Crisis (‘Boko Haram’ insurgents) in the north-eastern part of Nigeria where come from was at its peak in 2015. AFDEC simply gave me the right push. During the GHAP 2015 program, I gained new skills and confident to host my first fashion show, I got a website of my own; developed a professional product label and improved my brand essence. My personality improved greatly too”.

“That same period, I got an opportunity to make a presentation at the Centre for African Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CAEL) at the Wolverhampton University UK, I was more than prepared. I outshined exceptionally and sold out all my products at the exhibition. I now run a profitable fashion business and accessories training centre back at my home in Maiduguri”

“I am so glad I joined the AFDEC Family, The community opened my eyes to a world of things I could and did better to improve my business. I also made new friends and business partners. I even met my mentors and role models in the fashion industry face to face, that alone was dreams come true! Thank you AFDEC”
“The 2017 Walk4Peace Program was great, my Rwandan Colleagues and I learnt a lot from you Nigerians; you showed us love and care that we shall keep in our hearts and memories of peace that will remain with us forever! We are especially grateful to AFDEC who gave us a good opportunity and team to work with. May the culture of peace flow on the globe and especially our continent Africa
Christiana WakawaBornu Nigeria
Aghogho OkoroLagos Nigeria
Dakunde Henri ChrisanteKigali Rwanda