Why We Do, What We do

Reduce the death rate and community spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria and cushion the devastating effect of unemployment amongst low-income creative women.

The beneficiaries will be 1 million Nigerians who are poor and vulnerable and can not afford to purchase the appropriate face mask that will offer some protection against the COVID-19



Contribute financially to enable us purchase materials, logistics and payments of vendors.


Join our team of fashion designers to produce the recommended face mask.


Donate your facility and equipment to be used for various aspect of the project.


What kind of face masks are you donating?

We are donating home made face mask using the appropriate specification from World Health Organisation (WHO) and Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

What makes these masks appropriate and different from others?

The donated masks are:
• Double-layered; tightly woven, high thread count, 100% cotton fabric
• Breathable
• Comfortable
• Re-useable
• Sterilized
• Sealed in a single pack
• Designed to protect the nose and mouth
• Produced in safe and controlled as shown on the response for the 2nd FAQ

Are your face mask safe alternative to social distancing?

No. The donated face mask is not a safe alternative to social distancing. They help protect and reduce the spread of the virus when away from home.

Do people need to wash their hands more when using the face mask?

Yes.  Wearing a face mask may encourage you to touch your face more often.  You should wash your hands any time you touch your face or adjust the mask.

Who should not wear these face mask?

This face mask and any other face-covering should not be placed on children younger than two years, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance.

Why are these face masks made from Women in AFDEC Community?

Millions of household, micro and small fashion businesses owned by women are suffering severe economic hardship because of the outbreak and restricted movement. These donations will ensure these businesses stay afloat through this crisis while contributing to their source of livelihood.

Are AFDEC Women making Profit from these Donations?

No. AFDEC women manufacturing these masks are not making profit from the FREE collective production of these masks, but AFDEC as a not-for-profit organization is supporting them with stipend to cover their incurred costs from the funds raised.

How are these Facemask made by Women in AFDEC Community?

AFDEC has a well coordinated community of women fashion entrepreneurs across Nigeria. They include tailors, designers, craft and accessory artisans etc. The tailors have been trained extensively on how to make the appropriate face masks in strict and hygienic conditions

How do these masks get into the Communities from Point of Production?

AFDEC is working with 6 zonal coordinators, 36 state ambassadors and local government area representatives across Nigeria to ensure coordination and safe distribution of sterilized single packed face mask with the partnership of reliable dispatch and logistics companies.

Is the donated face masks the same as a respirators?

No, we are donating home made cotton face masks and not respirators. These home made cotton face mask will not provide the same level of protection as the N95 respirator but they help to reduce the transmission of the virus from an infected person to a non – infected person.

I am a fashion entreprenuer too, can I join the AFDEC sisters making these for free?

Yes, you can. Please contact AFDEC HQ via support@afdec.org.ng or +2348068202338. We welcome everyone that is willing to put people first before profit to join the fight against the spread of coronavirus through contributing their skills and experience towards the success of the #1millionfreemasks project.

Why is it important to support vulnerable communities with free face masks right now?

The impact of Coronavirus has extended far beyond those who are infected as communities are faced with a lockdown. Those in vulnerable communities who can’t afford essential items like food, water, education, medication etc before the lockdown has now become an additional burden. Their inability to sustain their families due to lost wages will not enable them to prioritize the purchase of good quality face mask to protect themselves and others from the further spread of the coronavirus. Hence our reason for the #1millionfreemask project.

If you want detailed information as regards The Million Face Mask Project; please contact the AFDEC HQ via support@afdec.org.ng or +2348068202338